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Uganda Trekking Holidays is the Best Uganda gorilla trekking safari organizer, wildlife tours, birding safaris, fishing trips, sightseeing, primates safaris, hiking,

Trekking in Uganda is a fun activity you can do with a group of friends or family. You can do the popular gorilla trekking or just an ordinary trek.

There are also plenty of activities to do in Uganda like bird watching, mountaineering, game drive to see the big 5, white water rafting , launch cruise and boat rides on river like the Nile, we have wildlife safaris and more

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This was my first trip to Uganda and I chose it because it had abit of everything. I booked this trip over a year in advance. Well worth the wait. I'd say to anyone thinking of doing this trip JUST DO IT!! Surrounded by great company, laughs, food, atmosphere etc. Some highlights for me were spending 4th July gorilla trekking, The grand Nile river its source in Jinja and Followed by a visit to Murchison Falls National Park. -- "Ada Yin

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Ugandans Argued By Uganda Wildlife Authority To Visit Parks

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Local Ugandans are being argued by Uganda wildlife Authority to visit the parks because they have subsided price for Ugandan. Given that Ugandans pay sh100,000 for a chimpanzee permit of chimp trekking, nature walks and bird viewing at Kibale National Park compared to $150 (550,000) …

Invasive Alien Species Threatening Queen Elizabeth National Park

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A new Invasive Alien Species is threatening to colonize Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo National Park . The threat is at an alarming rate of 68% of the park area and is killing off most of the palatable pastures for the wild animals …

Lions Special Feature

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In our lions special Feature, we going to cover the, grooming, feeding,sleeping, mating, and pregnancy and birth of cubs. The lion belong to genus Panthera , and species Panthera leo and family Felidae . The males are larger than females, and typically an adult male …

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