A Remarkable Chimpazee On Ngamba Island

A remarkable stubborn chimpanzee has now been retained in its own special cage by the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee trust.

Mawa is a 16 year old chimpanzee rescued from Congo now trying to become an alpha male himself. During the day several fights brake out between him and the Alpha male. When the fight goes bad he retreats to forest around the sanctuary by flying over the electrical fence.


It is reported that the fence is at a height at which no normal chimpanzee can jump to. The fence also carries an electrical charge strong enough to scare the animals but not fatal. Despite all these Mawa finds it easy to jump over as he wills.

Mawa is trying to defy the  law of the jungle by inserting himself as the second Alpha male in the group, while is widely opposed by the politics of the chimpanzee society.  The Alpha male is supposed to be the strongest, oldest male in the group. Mawa has tried to overthrow the alpha male backed up by a group of six chimpanzee young males but to no avail

Ngamba is run by Jane Goodall institute and hosts 48 chimpanzees that are there mostly because they have been rescued from one danger or another. Ngamba Island is situated about 23km from Entebbe Town in Uganda.