Uganda Wildlife Authority Struggles To Eradicate Poaching

Uganda wildlife Authority  is fighting an uphill battle with the communities around the Murchison falls national park.  The battle was sparked off by UWA officials arresting four poachers and transferring them to Buliisa for persecution.This did not sit well with the Nwoyo district authorities whose sons are among the detainees.

The leaders called for a boycott against all UWA staff and the local communities are not to sale any food to them.

While UWA says that the level of poaching is rising with about 50 poachers arrested monthly and these four need to set an example to the rest. The local authorities backed up by the District Woman Member of Parliament, Adong Lily are firmly opposing this action. In the speech she said, “We have given UWA one month to produce these four people otherwise we shall not revive the relationship with them…”

However some leaders are pushing for peaceful settlement of the matter citing that this  national park is in fact a blessing to the local people as 20% of the revenue collected by UWA goes to the locals. Plus jobs for the locals and infrastructure gained is all from the park.

The park ranger said that poaching is highest during the dry season as the locals have food shortages.

Nevertheless UWA will not give in and is pushing for the conservation of the park and has deployed about five hundred rangers to help the cause