Tourists Flock In For Uganda Martyrs Day 2013

Thousands of tourist  have flocked into for Uganda Martyrs day 2013. They  have filled up Namugongo shine grounds. The mood is  generally a happy one as most people say that they are glad they made it today to Uganda  for praise and worship on this glorious day.

Most of them flow into the county ( Uganda)  ahead of today to get an opportunity to get the best spaces. While others from with in East Africa walked all the way to the shrine, this may have taken them a month or weeks but they believe its all worth it.

Today is a public holiday in Uganda, celebrated ever since 1964 when Pope Paul VI’s proclamation of sainthood for the 22 Catholics among the victims of Kabaka Mwanga II. He burnt then alive after disobeying his command on the 3rd of June 1886.

With each coming year Catholic faithful with a close affinity to the celebration of the Ugandan Martyr’s,  come from all over the world to Uganda to pray and pay tribute to their favourite saints.

This day is increasing being market abroad  to encourage tourist to attend this celebration. Such tours are now a growing with extensions  for wildlife  mainly Uganda gorilla trekking and cultural tours.