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A Decrease In Uganda Tourism Budget 2013

As shockingly as it may seem the government has decreased the amount of revenue for the Uganda Tourism budget 2013 from 10% of the national budget  last year to just 1%.

This is really becoming too controversial compared to the  2009 – 2010, 14% increase in the tourism budget.

Given the fact that  Uganda Tourism sector earned 25% more than the previous year, the sector  earns the most income, and its the fastest growing sector in Uganda.

“With such minimal allocations from the national budget, most work cannot be done, that amount only caters for capacity building through training, administrative pay and policy and regulations formulation,” said a chief Administrator in the Ministry of Tourism

Uganda Ministry of Tourism needs more than 20 billion shillings to effectively market its self a a tourism destination including organizing tourism expo with major international tour operators, hotel renovations, roads network, and increase its number of  aircraft.

The Uganda wildlife Authority spokes person is said that the potential in the tourism industry is high and can provide employment opportunities to the youth if developed.

Most safari companies in Uganda including Uganda Trek raised concerns that the budget is not favor tourism even though it is one of the major sources of foreign exchange.

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