Air Uganda Direct Filghts To Mogadishu

Air Uganda,  commenced its direct flights to Mogadishu in Somalia  2013. South Africa was also on the list of new destinations but that is to be confirmed.

For Uganda regular flights have  also been in operation to Somalia but they were under the African Union Peace Keeping mission.  Uganda is one of the most peaceful national in Africa. When the situation in Somalia escalated Uganda was the first volunteers to the peace keeping mission, making regular flights essential.

However this new flight scheduled is more for the regular business individuals and diplomats. The U7 will fly initially three times a week nonstop between Entebbe and Mogadishu

Air Uganda is taking steps to increase business shown by its recent acquisition of the CRJ 200 airline.  Air Uganda flies to Mombasa, Juba (Sudan), Dar es salaam , Kilimanjaro, Bujumbura and Mogadishu