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Illegal Ivory From Uganda Seized

Port officials in Changamwe, Mombasa have confiscated a 20 feet container worth of illegal ivory from Uganda. This ivory was to be shipped to an international destination that remains largely unconfirmed by the port officials.

Investigations are underway and police is eager to find all culprits involved or who assisted in this grand scale illegal trading in ivory.

The ivory was properly wraps and well disguised leading the police to think that an entire organization is behind this. At the moment all officials involved at any stage of handling this shipment straight from Kampala to Mombasa are under question.

While the Uganda Wildlife Authority has not reported such a high rated of poaching to match with this large amount of ivory,  speculators say it may have come into Uganda from neighboring countries but this is not confirmed by the authorities.

The port officials received an anonymous tip from a good citizen

In Uganda elephants can be found in Murchison Falls and  Queen Elizabeth national Park

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