A Fight For The Alpha Chimpanzee On Ngamba Island

With Mike the alpha male at Ngamba Island conformed dead, the fight for alpha chimpanzee on Ngamba Island has started for the ultimate and highest position in Chimpanzee politics, the Alpha.

Fight for alpha male

The caregivers say that these fights will continue until one of the strongest  chimps establishes it self as alpha. The alpha has more power, he is the leader of the group and the only one who gets to mate with the females. Her defends his territory and all the other males have to submit to him.

It is still not yet clear what killed the former alpha male Mike. The Director of Ngamaba Island chimpanzee sanctuary said that Mike’s remains where discovered in the forest after a 3 day comprehensive search.

Mike before he died

Mike the day before he disappeared

Male Chimps at Ngamba Island

The caregivers got worried after Mike did not show up for meals or come back in evening with the other males. They clearly knew something was wrong so they got in touch with Uganda Wildlife Authority for help in finding him. By the time they got to him he was already dead, samples were taken to the lab to find out the exact cause of death.

It was a sad day for Ngamba Island, but we shall be looking forward to the new Alpha.