Uganda Southern Sudan Highway

All the trade between Uganda and Southern Sudan is currently being threatened by the destruction of the main high way between Atiak, Northern Uganda  and Nimule, Southern Sudan. The road was swept away by heavy gushing desert rains that have been ongoing for past weeks. These sudden heavy rains have destroyed the highway and left it flooded in certain sections.

Southern Sudan will be highly affected by the high way destruction because it’s the only cheap way of bringing in goods from Uganda. The other means would be by air but airlines are more effective in carrying people than cargo. Supreme Airlines and Air Uganda which are the only carriers between the two countries are most in-effective for the job as they most use chart flights carrying a maximum of about 10 people.

Huge 40 tone trucks are normally used to take food and goods to Southern Sudan while buses with the capacity to carry 60 to 200 passengers are more effective in this African Economy.
This temporary cut off will increase commodity prices in Sudan and losses for traders dealing in the perishable goods.