Uganda Getting There

Here is all the information you need about Uganda getting there. From all about Uganda, airlines that fly to Uganda, Uganda Visa information, What to wear  on your Uganda Safari and More.

About Uganda

Uganda The Pearl Of Africa. Uganda was derived from the Luganda word Ganda which means bringing together or a collection. Uganda is composed of different kingdoms and chiefdoms speaking 50 different languages, during its demarcation the British brought all these different groups together in one little country thus Ganda  and thus its name Uganda. Buganda kingdom the major kingdom covers the south and central part of the Country including the capital city Kampala.

Government: The president is the Head of State and Head of Government

Capital City: Kampala is the largest city and administrative capital of Uganda. It is located in the  central part of the country close to the shores of Lake Victoria. Most visitors to Uganda grab the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of Kampala on tour. This fascinating city has so much to offer the greenery of its gardening setting, cultural sites, exciting nightlife, and the spectacular hills and scenery.

Area: Uganda covers 236,040sq km

Location: Uganda is a landlocked country in the East African Region bordered by Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the south, and Congo in the west, Rwanda in the south west and Sudan in the North.
The country lies as JUST at the equator between latitudes 4° North and 2° South and longitudes 29° and 35° East of the Greenwich.

Access: There are direct flights from Europe and regional flights from Kenya and Tanzania to Entebbe International Airport in Uganda. You can also catch a long-distance bus from Kenya and Rwanda. list of flights to Uganda find them below. Once at the airport, we can pick you up but please ensure to notify us in time, a day or 2 to your time of arrival. We offer car hire services too. If you book a tour with us, airport transfers are part of you tour and guaranteed.

Booking a Tour / Safari. Booking a safari to Uganda or going about planing a safari to Uganda is easy as pie.

1. Determine the number of days you have off work, or on vacation.

2. Decide on what to do or see if your not sure write to us or call +256793656241 available 24 hours, to help you plan your tour just email us with your safari budget and interests ( gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking or  habituation experience, hiking, trekking Rwenzori, white water rafting, bungee jumping,horse back riding, game drives and cruises on wildlife safaris, cultural safaris, fishing, kayaking, nature walk, community walk, charity tour or Voluntourism

3. Decide on an itinerary and price ( at the end of this step, if you decide on gorilla trekking, ensure to make payment for you tour as early as possible because as much a the permit may be tentatively reserved for you, but another client  with cash can make instant payment and takes your permit. When it comes to gorilla permits it first pay first serve.

4. Get the best available flight to Uganda the time does not matter for private tours, we are highly flexible when it comes to when the tour starts. At the bottom of this page are common airlines that fly to Uganda, Book a flight with a return ticket. Email with your time of arrival in Uganda, and time of departure at the end of your tour when your flight leaves.

Visas: The Ugandan visa can be obtained upon arrival at the International Airport.

Population: Uganda has a population of over 34 Million People.

Climate: Uganda’s climate is tropical. This means it is generally rainy (particularly during the months of March to May, September to November), while the remaining months (December to February, June to August) comprise Uganda’s two dry seasons.

Currency: The currency used is the Uganda shilling; the Uganda Shilling is freely convertible to any foreign currency and vice verse because the country’s economic policy for current and capital accounts is fully liberalized.