Uganda Seeks Permission For Oil Production

R. NileUganda needs to seek permission from The Nile Basin Initiative come 2020 for crude oil production. This is because oil could have an impact on local resources and potentially spark conflicts. Due to high risk of contamination of international public water bodies, Uganda will have to assure the Nile Basin Initiative countries it will take the necessary precautions and follow the environmental conservation guidelines to avoid contamination of water bodies.

The oil and gas production requires 7500m3 per day and the construction of necessary facilities and the operational phases need water. Uganda plans to get this water from Lake Albert, which it shares with Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uganda is set to get an oil production permit from Nile Basin Initiative which comprising of Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi, Sudan, DR Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Eritrea.

The Energy Minister Irene Muloni said that extraction of water from Lake Albert requires the approval of both the Ministry of Water and Environment and the Nile Basin Initiative.