Uganda Trek Reviews

Trip of a life time

Tour guide Will was outstanding! Funny, reliable, knowledgeable. They had a great eye for spotting wildlife whilst on the road in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Park It’s not like the previous tour I done in Rwanda. These guys were there for us for pretty much all the time on tour. Queen Elizabeth National park I loved.... it was sunny, beautiful skies and totally safe at mweya safari lodge. There were hippos lining the banks of the Kazinga Channel and I seen one give birth, and the elephants moved a lot on the banks to the ground , they loved the grass near the channel.... enjoyable I would go out into the swimming pool since we were there in a group and 100% not on my own. Too bad we’re only there for two nights at beginning of trek. The tour itself felt to me nice, some places we stayed well there was so much to see, like I wanted to visit some of the locals, see the cultures, buy some crafts. then we would leave the next day so we did the boat cruise, game drive and go in hotel go for food and leave the next day. Murchison falls really did it for me. As it had much history to talk about and the guide filled us in on any he could. I would rush to go back to Murchison Falls or to go on this trip again.





Best thing I ever did!-

This was my first trip to Uganda and I chose it because it had abit of everything. I booked this trip over a year before it departed. Well worth the wait. I’d say to anyone thinking of doing this trip JUST DO IT!! Surrounded by great company, laughs, food, atmosphere etc. Some highlights for me were spending 4th July gorilla trekking, The grand Nile river its source in Jinja and Followed it all the way to Murchison Falls

Most amazing adventure ever, beautiful country

This was my second adventure with Uganda Trek however it was my first time as a solo traveller. I was slightly nervous at first but luckily I had an amazing tour admin Jackie Musisi and a fantastic trek guide .I loved every place we visited, the scenery was amazing and the views were just breathtaking especially Lake Victoria. My favourite place was Lake Victoria Serena.

Post camp bliss

James, our tour guide made this trip with his relentless enthusiasm and caring nature. Camping is tough but not impossible and it makes you really appreciate the hostel bed when you do finally get to them. Being driven to loads of amazing places was exactly what I wanted and got, the time in the bus went quickly despite having many buses appreciation

An amazing experience

this trip was the best holiday I’ve ever been on. I went by myself and I’m glad I did. this is defiantly a trek for some one who hasn’t done any thing like this before. our trek leader was Anne and she was very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and fun to be round. the first day we went to Rwanda. there we went to see gorillas then to Uganda, Bwindi for somme more gorilla trekking

Experience of a lifetime!

This was hands down the best thing I have ever done! If you have any doubts, do it with absolutely no regrets. I worked and saved for the year to pay for everything, was totally worth every penny I put in! Our tour guide gave us an unreal experience, showing us incredible places, eating out in unreal restaurants and getting involved with everyone! I loved it

Totally awesome experience! The best way to see Uganda!

This trip is possibly the best thing I have ever done! I wanted to see as much of Uganda as I could in such little time. This trip is so action packed, from hiking down the Rwenzori to white water rafting at Jinja, gorilla trekking. I really loved every second. I travelled with two friends but came home with 10 new amazing friends. Our tour leader, Namyalo Janet

A totally unforgettable experience!

This was my first tour with Uganda Trek and it won’t be my last! Our tour guide was fantastic and enthusiastic. He has set the bar high for any future guides that I may have! 🙂 It was great to see many places of the Western Uganda that you wouldn’t normally go to. White water rafting at Jinja , gorilla trekking was fantastic. I also really enjoyed Uganda.

‘If you wanna see Gorillas, You gotta to do Uganda Gorilla Trek’

‘If you wanna see Gorillas, You gotta to do Uganda gorilla trekking’ was the advice given to us on day one of the Ugandan Wonder by our awesome tour guide Sandi. And he was right. From wilderness camping at Lake Bunyonyi to ice climbing on the Equator on Mountain Rwenzori this tour showcases the best of Uganda. And definitely takes you out of your comfort zone. Everyday was filled with adventure.

Trip of a lifetime, amazing views, Camp everywhere!

If you like  camping then you will be in for a treat. Starting in Murchison Falls at Red chill, Then in Kibale  and Lake bunyonyi, and finishing with his run Entebbe across  lake Victoria. If you don’t think Uganda is beautiful then you are surely mistaken. Kampala city streets and  was awesome and a great night out.

Amazing experience, unfortunately ruined by Tour leader

Uganda is by far the most beautiful country I have been to. Pictures don’t even come close to the most amazing scenery you will see on this trip. Breath taking views in every place! This is no restful trip, you are doing something everyday, make sure you bring enough money! Everything is extra and i definitely didn’t budget enough. I wanted more

The best experience and a great bunch of people and a awesome guide

I had never done anything like this before and didn’t really know what to expect! It was an amazing experience I just could stop smiling the whole trip! The tour guide Richard was just full of energy he was so happy and if wasn’t for him I don’t think our experience would have been as good!!


Out of this world!

This trek is absolutely incredible. If you love hiking and out door activities this is the trek for you. Words and photographs can’t do the places on this trek justice. The trip was jam packed, just the way I like it. Visiting so many national parks was fantastic. Each was so beautiful and unique. So many times on this trip I literally welled unique, Entebbe chimpanzee island, to Jinja for rafting, Murchison falls oooh my God!! To Kibale, chimpanzees then wildlife in Queen Elizabeth national park Then growing it all with Bwindi gorillas…Prefect trip!!!

A trip that will stay with you for eternity!-

Unbelievable! One of the most recent, but without a doubt the most memorable experiences of my life! People ask which bit was the best but it’s difficult to say because this trek was like 10 holidays in 1! Seeing and hiking beautiful Rwenzori, taking once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like riding gorilla trekking in Bwindi , making friends meeting the locals.

Wonderfully diverse trip packed full of activities and entertainment- Glen-USA

Fantastic trip with great company and an awesome guide. Excellent mix of city-life and rural escape; activity-packed days and relaxation. This was my first trek and I went alone, as did most of the chats with Jackie , about what to expect, what is really good to see, totally boosted my confidence to book

Best Three Weeks Of My Life!!!- Phillips- USA

Went on this Trek last summer…missing it so much right now so thought I’d come back and leave a review!! The Trek was incredible! I saw so many amazing sights, ate great food, did so many fun things and made some lifelong friends! Can’t wait to book another trip with Uganda Trek 🙂

Couldn’t believe my eyes! Perry -Austrialia

Our trip to Uganda was amazing from start to finish, due in large part to our wonderful guide Emma! His knowledge of Uganda, Birds, history and ecology was extensive and he went out of his way to make sure we saw everything we wanted. Our group focused a lot on birding around different areas to make the perfect bird list and by the end of the trip

An experience you will never forget!-Jen Frunfurt Germany

It was two years ago, but I remember everything about my trek. It was my first time away from home for so long and what a way to do it! The people In my group were great! We became like a family and we all played our part in making the trek very enjoyable! I was only 18 so I was the youngest, most people were in their early twenties and were coming from every part of the world.

Unbelievably awesome – Diana, Califonia

Had the best few days on our Uganda Trek trip. Met some lovely people and saw some wonderful things. Just wish it has been longer as I wasn’t ready to leave by the last day. Our tour guide John was just the best, so fun and helpful. Want to do it all over again already!!!

Great experience, the best 2 weeks ever! – Jessey, USA

Has an amazing 2 weeks travelling around the west Uganda. Met some great people and visited amazing places. I cant even pick out my favourite part, however highlights include sleeping in a tree house in Kibale, gorilla trekking I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone – you will not regret it.


Dear Jackie,

Thank you for a lovely safari in Uganda.  I took so much for your Uganda not just the pictures  but the beautiful memories of a wonderful park we visited. I hope you like the article I have written about my visit.

Thank you again


Hi Hallie,

Just a little mail to inform you that we ‘ve just gone back in France and that we ‘ve had a very great Uganda safari and The Bwindi gorilla trekking   with your travel company “Uganda Trek“. Peter our guide was nice with us, absolutely no problem. thank you again for all.

I will send you pictures of the gorillas

Your the best,and many thanks!!!!!

Jo & Margie

I have recently returned to the United States after my volunteering mission in
Uganda. My colleagues and I are really glad that we booked the 3 day Murchison Falls safari with Uganda Trek and we were delighted by the
whole experience. It seems hard to believe that on Easter Sunday we
were watching lions play-fighting from the 4X4! We have so many
memories of this incredible trip and we have unbelievable videos of the wildlife in action, thanks to Moses, our driver and
guide’s expertise – getting us to the right place at the right time to
see Uganda wildlife in action and the launch cruise on the Nile  just top it all.

United States

Dear Jackie,

Thanks for being such a great travel agent; we had a wonderful visit that was so well organized. We had lots of fun and everything met our expectations. We saw the mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions and were lucky enough to see a chimpanzee from the troupe at the gorge besides the large game and bird life. The great scenery and very pleasant people.

Thanks to you, we very much appreciated the tour.

Thanks again!!!!

Sarah and Parker

Hi Halie,

The 3 days Murchison Falls safari was absolutely wonderful.  No doubt that the sceneries of the magnificent falls are some of the top sites we have visited in the world. I personally like the flexibility of being able to explore the beautiful sights in a free and relaxed atmosphere without being rushed by the guide.

Uganda is a beautiful country with welcoming people compared to countries we have traveled to. It is really insane but I am coming back at the end of June for a weekend in Murchison Falls. Its pretty awesome!!!! Enok  was a great guide and very resourceful. He was marvelous at figuring out solutions to problems.

Thanks again for arranging a fantastic safari.

Ashley and Moses