Brussels Airlines Launches Africa is NOT Ebola

Brussels Airlines Launches Africa is NOT Ebola campaign  in the Brussels Airlines management meeting in Kampala, Uganda , country manager Sebastian Spijkers and Belinda Sebunya, was mainly to get first hand updates, such as the airline’s return to Washington with five flights a week for the summer season.image125 africa is not ebola

It did not take long though to learn about SN’s latest initiative launched in the United States during the week, to highlight how Africa is NOT Ebola and that only three of the 56 countries on the continent are in fact affected by the outbreak. Considering that more countries around the globe had their episodes, with the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain, among others, was swiftly the opinion sealed that Africa is hard done by and unjustly singled out, perhaps bundling other anti-African sentiments together and hiding them behind the Ebola scare.
No countries across the continent have been affected other than some closer by but still did East Africa and in fact even the Seychelles face the fallout of a hysteric anti travel campaign, showing that for much of the world population ignorance persists in their believe that Africa is a Country and Africa is Ebola.

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