Marasa Dropped Plans to Establish a Golf

The mode of happiness and a sigh of relief spread among Conservation organizations and tourism stakeholders as Marasa dropped plans to establish a golf course inside the park. Marasa are the proud owners of luxury Chobe Safari Lodge in the Murchison Falls National park announced that they had reached a decision about the golf course issue.

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Environmental conversationalists, congratulated Marasa Uganda for abandoning the plans and accepting that playing golf outside the park is a greater option. Just as 5 years ago in Queen Elizabeth National park, the same arguments were advanced by both bodies but as well they, did in fact triumph over the wish of the owners to have a golf course inside the park. Simply putting the idea of what a golf course development entails. It involves bringing in the park alien species of grass, a high usage of water and a high amount of chemical fertilizers especially for the greens.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

For Queen Elizabeth National park there was also a wildlife corridor to and from the peninsula to consider. In Murchison Falls National park the area is quite wooded and felling trees for a golf course is also not a good way to protect the environment. If Marasa can secure land and build a golf course near Karuma, it will be better. But then, there is a golf course in Pakwach and there is space near Katwe to develop one there, so why not invest in those? There is an existing course in Kasese, also not far from Queen Elizabeth National park, all viable option

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