Railways Resumes Operations

Kampala Capital City Authority together with the Rift Valley Railways resumes operations have set eyes on reviving regular rail links from the outskirts of the capital into Kampala city centre.
This move is aimed at decongesting the city with too many taxis as the railway can in a single route carry one hundred times more passengers than a mini bus (matatu) , a small capacity to start with but with the capacity for more in the future , with a partnership between the two.

The Rift Valley Railways is currently negotiating the terms and conditions of adding some limited passenger commuter services for Kampala with the Uganda government.
Uganda Railyways not a long time ago operated on major Uganda events like Uganda’s African Cup of Nations and FIFA World Cup qualifying matches which are played at the national Mandela Stadium in Namboole, transporting passengers to near the stadium where the railway line passes via Kampala to Jinja.

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