Miss Uganda 2014

With the pageant this year themed to promote agriculture in the country, Miss Uganda 2014 with little doubt that the winner Leah Kalanguka, 23 is a mushroom and poultry farmer.
Roger Mugisha gave a speech that Miss Uganda “has to represent Ugandan values” and that Agriculture is a Ugandan value and we salute.

miss  uganda 2014 miss uganda 2014
Other finalists after a competition that saw the glamor of the catwalk ditched for a Uganda army-sponsored boot camp on a farm, where contestants had to milk cows and work with goats and sheep.

The sponsors said the top finalists will eventually be used to market produce including potato flour, mango juice, cornflakes and honey.

“The youth will love agriculture because it goes hand in hand with beauty. It’s a great direction because the agriculture sector has great opportunity for jobs, so I’m simply grateful that it took that direction and I would really love to see it promoted in our country because it is the backbone, Right now, farming is mostly done by elderly women,” Kalanguka, wearing a gold dress, tiara and a sash, told Uganda trek during late Saturday’s awards ceremony.

Kalanguka, was very happy and overwhelmed to be crowned Miss Uganda to receive a small car.

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