Ugandans Argued By Uganda Wildlife Authority To Visit Parks

Local Ugandans are being argued by Uganda wildlife Authority to visit the parks because they have subsided price for Ugandan. Given that Ugandans pay sh100,000 for a chimpanzee permit of chimp trekking, nature walks and bird viewing at Kibale National Park compared to $150 (550,000) for foreigners
The conservation manager of Kibale National Park, Mr.Guma was Speaking to local journalists said the number of local visitors to the park was very low despite the huge package at a minimal cost.

There are other attractions such as the Sempaya hot springs, game drives and boat rides in Semliki National Park. Gorilla trekking, bird viewing, Hiking, community walks to visit the Batwa people in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Kibaale National Park has about 1,500 chimps of the 5,000 in Uganda and it is referred to as the Primate Capital of the World.

The drive from Kampala to Fort Portal takes about four hours. The park is 40km from Fort Portal town and 420km form Kampala while Murchison Falls National Park is 311 km from Kampala. Visitors are advised to move with a jacket as a park is a tropical paradise so it can rain anytime. An umbrella and walking shoes with treads for the slippery landscape are also recommended.

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