World Wildlife Day

world wildlife day

Today is the inaugural World Wildlife Day, recently established by the UN General Assembly in order to celebrate our wild world and to urge us to step up the fight against wildlife crime in this precarious era.
From the grassroots to the highest corridors of power, it seems understanding of the ivory situation is growing.
Wider awareness amongst those who buy ivory about the impact of their purchases is essential. As China is the biggest-selling ivory market in the world. The high demand for ivory is the root of the elephant poaching crisis. All other efforts to stop the killing of elephants will be useless if the world doesn’t stop buying ivory.
World political momentum on ivory has built to a new height, with the unprecedented involvement of the highest levels of the US government soon after the US senate hearings on the issue. This year the Chinese government have shown their commitment by crushing an ivory stockpile and signing up to international declarations on the need to reduce demand for ivory.
The world is still hoping for the ultimate prize for China to exercise joint leadership with the USA and shut down her domestic ivory markets.

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